Premarital Counseling - Whitni Toson LPC

This is a great time to start building a strong foundation for communication, commitment, compromising, and boundary setting.  If you can learn ways to deal with conflict now, it will become easier down the road. This is not a promise that you will not have conflict in your life long journey together but having tools will help your relationship become resilient.

In premarital counseling, you will learn ways to enhance your communication, learn more about your partner’s values, discuss situations that can cause turmoil in your relationship, and start setting healthy boundaries for the years to come.

Common Topics for Premarital Counseling:

  • Defining what marriage means
  • Expectations of partner roles
  • How to communicate effectively
  • Exploring how individual values impact the relationship
  • Boundaries with In-laws and friends
  • Finances
  • Having children and parenting styles
  • Comparing relationship to other’s relationships
  • Divorce or Separation